Saturday, April 7, 2012

Our Food Testing Journey - Little Italy

Hola!!! Happy "Good Friday" everyone. How's everybody's fasting day so far ? As for me, I'm pretty feel good practicing it so far. (Well, to be honest I'm actually feel full today :D) Since I had a heavy dinner with my friend - Florence last night at a local well-known Italian Restaurant in town - Little Italy.

We'd been chatting over Facebook, and mentioned about having a food-testing session, since I told her that I had tried few nice dishes in Little Italy during my Aussie's friend came for visit. So the idea popped out from both of us, why not we start our food testing journey. The plan is like this :

Every month, both of us going to pick our desired dining places which served nice quality of foods, which we rarely dine in our daily life to try on and as a reward for ourselves for being working so hard during the month. Well, It's time to pamper ourselves a bit. Heh.... Heh...

So we both picked Little Italy as our first spot. Been here for the 3rd times so far, this place not just served the good foods but also provided a nice eating environment. More or less, you get to meet up with lotsa of handsome foreign guys and pretty hot chicks too. If you lucky enough, you will get a chance to watch a "free show" like us. Heh... Heh... We actually bumped into a foreign couple kissing in front of the main entrance of the restaurant when we were about to leave the restaurant. How romantic izzin't it ?? Well, we might feel awkward if our very own local people did it, but when the act actually done by a foreigner. It turned up to be such a romantic feel like in a movie scene and forgot to say during a rainy days. Don't you think ???

There you go, part of the food we managed to try on. Both of us did really enjoyed ourselves very much that night. That we almost eat like a queen, nah.... Just forget about the calories for a while... We shall come back again for the sake of the desserts. It's worth for another "come-back-to-dine". (Since we were too full, and we didn't have enough space for desserts last night) Oh man!!! I'm really looking forward for another journey of food testing next month. *REAL SATISFACTION*

My "Senorita" Of The Night - Florence

Zuppa di Mare with Garlic Bread

Fusilli Al Tonno

Hawaiana Pizza